Worthless Check Unit

The worthless check unit provides support to merchants for transactions taking place in Jackson, George and Greene Counties for recovery of checks returned for non-sufficient funds or accounts closed. Anita Bosarge is in charge of the Worthless Check Unit.

If, after filing a complaint with the District Attorney, you wish to withdraw the complaint for good cause, Mississippi law requires you to pay a fee of Thirty ($30.00) Dollars to the District Attorney for processing the complaint.

Requirements of a Worthless Check

The transaction must have taken place in Jackson, George, or Greene county.

All checks must be less than six months old. However, we request that you file a complaint with the District Attorney within sixty (60) days of the check date.

All bad checks must be stamped:

  • Insufficient Funds; or
  • Account Closed

No checks will be accepted that are stamped:

  • Stop Payment
  • Uncollected Funds
  • Refer to Maker
  • Signature Irregular

The following checks will also not be accepted:

  • Checks that have partial payments made
  • Postdated checks or checks that you agreed to hold before depositing
  • Two-Party Checks
  • Forgeries

The check writer must be eighteen (18) years of age on or before the check date.

Statutory Notice for NSF Check

If the check was ever stamped “NSF”, a 15-day notice must be mailed to the defendant. The check writer must be given fifteen (15) days to make the check good. At the end of the 15 day waiting period, you can file a Complaint Form with the Worthless Check Unit. If the letter is returned undelivered, no waiting period is necessary and you can file immediately.

The letter must be sent to the exact address as printed on the check.

A check marked “Account Closed” does not require a letter to be sent. You can file the complaint immediately.

Filing a Complaint Form

You must bring or mail the following when presenting a complaint to the Worthless Check Unit:

  • Original Check
  • Affidavit of Service by Mail (signed and notarized). We have a notary on staff to assist you in this matter
  • A filled out Complaint Form

All information requested on the Bad Check Complaint must be filled out as completely as possible. You must include the following:

  • Sex and race of the check writer
  • Social security number of the check writer
  • Check writer’s date of birth
  • If the address on the check is a post office box number, you must include the check writer’s residential address
  • Place of employment
  • Name or initials of the person who accepted the check

A separate Complaint form must be filled out for each check you submit.

What the District Attorney Does

Once you have filed a complaint with our office, we send a letter to the defendant, giving him/her 10 days to make restitution in our office or by mail. At the end of the 10 day period, we prepare a Warrant for their arrest. Before we can continue with the arrest process, you will need to come to our office and sign an Affidavit. you may call our office and request that we mail this Affidavit to you for your signature.

The Worthless Check Unit mails out restitution checks once a month. All monies collected for you during any given month will be mailed to you by the 10th day of the following month.