Chancery Court Department

The Chancery Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Chancery Court, the Chancery Court Department has the following responsibilities:

  • Creates and maintains files for each chancery court suit
  • Issues process for service upon defendants
  • Records the court's activities in various dockets and minute books
  • Schedules courtroom time (where counties share a common courtroom between chancery and circuit, or other, courts)
  • Maintains dockets (in those districts without a court administrator who performs this duty)
  • Processes all phases of civil commitments
  • Summons jurors (in those chancery court matters in which a jury trial has been granted)
  • Receives and accounts for various filing fees required to accompany pleadings and appeals
  • Attends each session of the chancery court
  • Transmits statistical data to the Mississippi Supreme Court, Administrative Office of Courts
  • Processes the court's record(s) for appellate review