Chancery Clerk

The title "Chancery Clerk" hardly describes the various duties and responsibilities of this Office. The Chancery Clerk acts as the County Auditor, Treasurer and assists the Board of Supervisors.

 The Chancery Clerk's duties also include Clerk of the Chancery Court and Custodian of Public Land Records. The Chancery Clerk is elected for a four-year term.

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Duties as Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

  • Attends all meetings of Board of Supervisors
  • Records the minutes of the board
  • Receives and processing claims made against the county, which necessarily includes maintaining the county's Docket of Claims
  • Assists the board in equalizing the assessment rolls of real and personal property
  • Compiles various reports on the board's behalf and submitting them to other state governmental entities as required
  • Receives and processing all applications made for homestead exemption and reporting thereon to the State Tax Commission
  • Assists the board in preparing the annual county budget (not required, but routinely done as a courtesy to the board)
  • Submits a monthly report of all county funds to the board

Duties as County Auditor & Treasurer

  • Keeps accounts with each county office
  • Keeps ledger accounts of all receipts and disbursements of county funds
  • Keeps financial records for all county officers responsible for receiving or collecting money for the county, including a detailed account for debits and credits against the tax collector
  • Issues receipt warrants and properly documenting funds paid to the county
  • Collects privilege taxes and issuing privilege licenses on an annual basis
  • Receives and disburses money on behalf of the county
  • Reconciles statements from the county depository