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  • Personal Information

    1. Jackson County Mississippi
    2. Jackson County

      Employment Application

      An Equal Opportunity Employer

      Jackson County Board of Supervisors

      Post Office Box 998

      Pascagoula, Mississippi 39568-0998

      Phone (228) 769-3380 Fax (228) 769-3379

      • The Sheriff’s Department has a separate application from the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, please call (228) 769-3065.
      • Applicants are not required to give any information that is prohibited by federal, state, or local law.
      • No information given on this application will be used in a discriminatory manner.< /li>
      • This application will remain valid for 90 days.
      • It is the applicant’s responsibility to update their application with Human Resources for any posted position within those 90 days.
    3. Do you have a current Driver's License?*
    4. Do you have a current Commercial Driver's License and Medical Card?*
    5. Do you have a Social Security Card?*
    6. Have you worked for Jackson County before?*
    7. Which department did you work for in Jackson County?
    8. When did you work for Jackson County?
    9. Do you have any relatives employed by Jackson County or elected to office in Jackson County?*
    10. Are you able to perform the essential function of the job you are applying for?*
      (With or without reasonable accommodations.)