Rubbish Disposal Services

  • Rubbish

Jackson County Landfill (Seaman Road)

The Seaman Road Landfill is Class I & II landfill. It is FREE to Jackson County residents (incorporated and unincorporated) who have a Jackson County tag.

Items accepted at the landfill

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Furniture
  • Brick
  • Mortar
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Asphalt
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Natural Vegetation
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Crockery

* Some restrictions may apply

Items Recycled at the landfill

  • Tires
  • White goods/appliances
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Cell Phones

Curbside recycling is available to residents of unincorporated areas of Jackson County.

Items not accepted at the landfill

  • Household Garbage
  • Commercial Rubbish (Contact Privately-Owned Landfills)

    * Unincorporated residents can use some private landfills free of charge as well.

  • Medical Waste

Tire Disposal

The Seaman Road Landfill accepts waste tires from residents. Rules and regulations are as follows:

  • No rims can be on tires
  • No dealers or large tire generators
  • A daily log is maintained, report number of tires to attendant
  • Retailers are not allowed to charge a disposal fee when you are purchasing an equal number of new tires.

Tire Retailers

Waste tire generators (retailers, salvage yards, re-treaders, etc..) should contact the Solid Waste Department for information regarding the proper management and disposal of waste tires in Mississippi

Roadside Pick-Up

The Jackson County Solid Waste Department will pick up large items that meet the requirements at residential properties outside of city limits that cannot be put in the proper format for the waste haulers to take.

Please keep in mind that the County is very limited in manpower and vehicles, having only one worker and one truck for each of the three areas, therefore residents are encouraged to:

  • Use the landfills whenever possible -- especially during the dry spells in an effort to prevent fire hazards -- Plus the Seaman Landfill is free to residents!
  • Keep the items within the limitations (See Limitations Below) and
  • Set the items out prior to the start of the week of your scheduled pick-up to prevent backlog (See Schedule Below)
  • Contact the Solid Waste Department with any questions on the type of items that can be picked up

Schedule for Roadside Pick-Up

Below is a list of the areas that that the drivers intend to cover the specified "full" week of each month.

The schedules may vary depending on setbacks due to weather, excessive loads in an area, lack of manpower or emergencies that need to be taken care of immediately.

 Week  Community
1st Escatawapa, Helena, Windsor Porte, Espana Woods, Windsor Park, Woodville Heights, Gulf Park Ests., Fountainbleau
2nd Big Point, Hurley, Gulf Hills, Langley Point, St. Andrews, Pinehurst
3rd Wade, Hurley, N. & S. Cedar Grove, Big Ridge Rd., St. Martin (N. of Lemoyne, W. of Hwy 57), Cherry Park Subdiv., South of I-10, West of Hwy 57, CCC Camp Rd (to city limits), Vancleave Rd. (from city limits N. of O.S.)
4th Kreole, Bayou Cumbest, Pecan, Forts Lake, Orange Grove, Tucker Park, Virginia City, Latimer, Vancleave

Limitations of Rubbish Pick-Up

  • The maximum volume of trash, trees, debris and/or vegetation that Jackson County may remove per pick-up is 3 cubic yards
  • Jackson County will not pick-up rubbish that is on vacant lots, or the result of clearing off a vacant lot
  • Jackson County will not pick-up rubbish that is the result of structures being built and/or renovated
  • In the event that rubbish is placed in the street, roadway or highway, said material will be placed back onto the property from which it came and will not be removed by the County
  • The ordinance shall not be in effect in an emergency situation declared by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors

Privately Owned Landfills

Commercial rubbish cannot be placed in the county’s Seaman Road Landfill; they must be taken to a privately owned landfill. Please call the individual privately-operated landfills for restrictions and fees.


(228) 497-4130


(228) 818-5393

Macland Ash

(228) 475-9747

Macland Ash #2

(228) 475-9750

* Unincorporated residents may use Applewhites and Talleys Landfills free of charge.