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Jackson County is now live with Workday! We are excited to have a new system that gives more ability to the employee at work, as well as, at home. We ask that you be very patient as we roll out this new way of doing things in Jackson County. For many departments, DELTA (or AS400) will no longer be in use starting October 2021.

The Workday Core Team has been working since July 2020 to bring this new system to life in Jackson County. The Workday system has three main parts; Human Resources, Payroll, and Finance. Workday HR will allow you to access your employee profile information without having to make an appointment to do so. Workday Payroll will allow you to see your pay stub online or add a new direct deposit. Workday Finance will allow you to make purchases, submit expenses, and see your department inventory. Workday can do much, much more! Employees will also have access to a Workday Learning Center to take short courses to teach and familiarize themselves with Workday.

Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE : wds@co.jackson.ms.us is the email address to get help with Workday.
  • Question : How do I login to Workday with a computer at work?
       Answer : Use the 'JCMS SSO' link if you have access to County email. Use the 'JCMS Non-SSO' link if you do not have access to County email.
  • Question : How do I login to Workday with a computer at home?
       Answer : The same way you do at work.
  • Question : Can I use Workday on an iPad or smartphone?
       Answer : Yes, by downloading the Workday app from the device's appstore.
  • Question : What is Workday Community?
       Answer : It is an online forum and information center all about Workday. Workday users across the globe use it to share, help each other, and search for new ideas.