Fire Protection

Few organizations demonstrate the power of residents and business owners coming together better than Jackson County rural fire departments. 

At its core the county fire service is made up of five combination career/volunteer fire departments throughout the unincorporated areas of the county. 

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County fire departments has two main objectives: provide professional fire protection to rural property owners, and lower the cost of fire insurance rates.

Protecting Your Home

  • Define your defensible space. Create a buffer zone, a minimum of 30 feet non-combustible area around your house
  • Reduce flammable vegetation, trees and brush around your home
  • Remove or prune trees
  • Cut grass and weeds regularly
  • Re-locate woodpiles and leftover building materials
  • Keep your roof and yard clean
  • Have easy-to-read road signs and address numbers to your house
  • Know what to do when wildfire strikes


If you are burning one or more acres, you must contact the Forestry Commission
 at 800-240-5161.