This office has a dual role. It coordinates 911 activities and operates as executive agent for the Jackson County Emergency Communications District (JCECD) Commission.

Image of communication tower in city


The basic 911 responsibility is to ensure that all Jackson County addresses are entered into a 911 database. This database, maintained by the phone company, enables automatic routing to the appropriate law enforcement, fire protection and/or Emergency Medical Response unit in response to a citizen's 911 emergency call. Coordination with county and city planning departments is vital so that as new roads, subdivisions and developments are created, the database can be updated.

Communications System

The office also maintains control of JCECD's new, state of the art communications system based on an 800 MHz, digital trunking system. With three antenna sites acting in concert to send the same signal , reliable county-wide communications are possible. Gradual migration of various existing public safety radio systems will enable greater interoperability between public safety agencies. 

A county-owned paging system is also managed by the E911. Companies interested in leasing tower space for antennas should contact this office for details and site for available details